Elevate Your Store with
AI-Powered Chat!

Enhance customer engagement and support through intelligent and personalized interactions tailored to your online store.

                                                            Use pass 'retailgpt'
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Leverage AI for Unmatched Customer Engagement

Providing instant support and tailored responses, enhancing your store's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Dynamic Customer Service

Answer store-specific questions, provide product recommendations, and offer support with the precision of AI.
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Comprehensive Order Support

Offers detailed information about customer orders, tracking IDs, ETA reports, and connects to real support when needed.
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Owner-Controlled Chat

Monitor, intervene, and take over customer interactions for personalized support.

Adaptive Customer Support

Engage with AI-powered assistance, offering real-time responses, product information, shipping information, order information, and the flexibility for store owners to intervene when needed.

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Store Owner Chat Control

Monitor and intervene in customer conversations, take over chats as needed, and utilize feedback for a responsive and personalized shopping experience.

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